New Mexico Liquor License Laws

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Yes and no. Yes, you can purchase a one-day liquor licence if you already have a vending machine licence. However, since donor licenses can cost several hundred thousand dollars, New Mexico`s one-day liquor licenses are virtually unavailable to most businesses. Lawmakers created deductions of up to $50,000 from personal or corporate income tax for liquor licence owners who held licences as of June 30, 2021. The licence must be a donor`s licence, and the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption must account for less than fifty percent of the total sale of alcoholic beverages. Deductions are available until the 2025 taxation year. HB 255: Alcohol Supply – This bill was signed into law by the Governor. The following link leads to the NMRA analysis of HB 255 – Disclaimer: The following is our first reading of the Liquor Bill. The Department of Alcoholic Beverages will issue rules for this new law that may not follow this analysis. Please DO NOT make business decisions with this analysis. We paraphrase what the law actually says and look for only the most significant changes. Read the analysis NMRA HB 255 Read the copy of the final invoice 9 – We have a liquor store and have applied for a delivery permit. Are there limits to what we can deliver to a residence? Answer: Yes, depending on your license type.

Delivery restrictions may arise due to the nature of the license or the size and location of the business. If the license does not have facilities for selling packages (inter-local distributor or restaurant license), it is limited by (below). In addition, restrictions or requirements may arise if the license is located in a Class A county and has a sales area of more than 10,000 square feet. However, there are no quantitative restrictions, a licensee with a flat-rate capacity in a Class B county or less than the 10,000 square foot limit in a Class A county can deliver at any time. Here are the immediate changes to liquor laws, effective July 1, 2021, that owners should follow in no particular order: The state of New Mexico requires anyone who sells or serves liquor to obtain a liquor server license. The CBA says, “This includes all liquor licence holders, tenants, managers, the designated resident agent for the licence, bartenders, bouncers, waitresses, waitresses and convenience store or food vendors.” AUTHORIZATION FOR THE SUPPLY OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGESA.2. Nothing in these rules allows licensees to authorize the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption outside the licensed premises if the licence does not permit the sale of packaging. 10 – To expand our premises, do we simply present a new floor plan? Answer: Yes. If you update or extend your “licensed premises”, it must have “controlled access”. In addition, section of the CCNM requires that floor plans that accurately reflect the controlled access areas of a licensee`s authorized premises be kept up to date by submitting a request to amend the floor plan within 30 days of a change and by extending a floor plan by submitting an application prior to the extension or at the request of the Director.

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – This summer, New Mexico will experience the biggest overhaul of alcohol laws in decades. For $500, restaurants with a beer and wine license can serve New Mexico spirits. For $10,000, homeowners can get their full liquor license. 5 – Can you have a dedicated bartender with the license for restaurant A or B? Answer: No. Restaurant permits may not have designated bartenders. Although it is not written, it is due to the fact that they cannot have bars. If the licensee cannot have an area primarily dedicated to the display, service or consumption of alcohol (also known as a bar), the licensee cannot have a person whose primary function is to maintain a bar. Existing restaurant permit holders have the right to convert their Type A beer and wine licence to a Type B licence, which permits the sale and service of beer, wine and spirits. 7 – Can beer, wine or spirits be delivered to a hotel room outside the restaurant but in the same building? Answer: If the hotel is not part of the floor plan determined by the licensee, the answer is no.

If the licensee has the hotel in the approved floor plan, it is not considered a delivery since the entire transaction takes place in the controlled access areas of the authorized premises. The ability to include hotel rooms in the floor plan depends on the type of licence of the facility, as well as the areas controlled by the licensee. “For the most part, you can buy the license I have today for $10,000,” Hutchinson said. While the overall licensing process is similar, the level of difficulty of each business depends on the type of business you want to start. For example, it is relatively easy to get a restaurant license. However, obtaining a liquor sales license or gas station license can be much more difficult and expensive. In all licensed premises that do not sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, or in a restaurant that has not elected to prohibit firearms of any kind, whether overt or hidden, on its premises by posting the sign prominently on its premises. B.

A person holding a donor`s, restaurant or club licence may employ persons eighteen years of age or older to sell or serve alcoholic beverages in an establishment that is available to the public as a place for preparing and serving meals and where the primary source of income is food and where the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not the principal activity. However, a person under the age of twenty-one may not be employed as a bartender or delivery person. There are a total of 407 of the original liquor license RESTRICTIONS AND DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS IN CLASS A COUNTRIES: A. The department follows the district classifications established by the Department of Local Government of the Ministry of Finance and Administration. B. Licensees who are otherwise eligible to obtain a licence to deliver liquor with more than 10,000 square feet of sales area in a Class A county must: (1) Use a ministry-approved identity verification system. The system must be able to determine the identification of the buyer that has been verified and scanned for each shipment and store this information. (2) Only sell beer and wine for delivery. (3) furnish to the Ministère proof of liquor liability in the amount of five million dollars ($5,000,000) or more; and (4) use Licensee`s employees solely for the purpose of delivering alcoholic beverages.

Some cities may require you to purchase small business insurance. Retail insurance, restaurant insurance, or restaurant and bar insurance may be appropriate depending on the business you`re starting from. Also, zoning bylaws may restrict where you can start a business. For example, your authorized premises may not be less than 300 feet from a school or church. CONTROLLED OUTDOOR ACCESS AREA: Controlled access areas of an authorized site that are located outdoors shall be surrounded by a continuous physical barrier of sufficient height to physically separate the controlled access area from the environment. The Department may grant exceptions to this requirement at the written request of a licensee. See also Under state rules, Special Donor Permits (SDPs) for liquor licensees may perform functions such as community celebrations, gallery openings, and wedding receptions. The cost is $25 per day for private events and $50 per day for public events. If total alcohol sales are greater than $50,000, you can claim the full $50,000 deduction once, which would maximize your deduction for the year.

Existing restaurant permit holders who have held their licence for at least 12 months may add the +NM Product Spirits Permit to their licence.