Nhra Roll Cage Rules 2021

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When it comes to preparing for the installation of a roll bar, you need to remove everything you can from the car. These include carpets, seating, and door panels. As you know, welding is extremely hot and it is not shy when it comes to burning a hole in anything. If you have a roof trim that needs to be replaced and you want to keep one with the cage in the car, replace it ahead of time to avoid a big headache. We will review the steps later when it comes to protecting the headliner during the final weld. Swing door bars can help a driver and passenger get into a vehicle without having to go to yoga classes, and as long as your car is slower than 8.50 ET, they`re completely NHRA legal. The Chassisworks kit has a fork clutch connector that exceeds the minimum thickness required by the NHRA. The tipping rules are quite broad and are as follows: I could easily write an article five times larger when it comes to explaining how roll bars work in a variety of aliens and car configurations. I will explain the key rules and requirements for building a 10-point or 8.50 and slower roll bar for monocoque vehicles in accordance with the 2010 NHRA regulations. We will use our 60 hp Mustang project, soon 1000 hp from 1965 “Biting the Bullitt” as an example. The cage we will use is a pre-curved piece from Chris Alston`s Chassisworks. The rules for the front tire and windshield are vague as written. The front rod should be a continuous piece of pipe of the same diameter and thickness as the main support.

It welds to the top corner of the main tire and follows the roof and A-pillar line to another 6-inch x 6-inch plate in the floor. The front tire can pass through or in front of the dashboard. The straight bar from the main tire must be parallel to the roof before making its first turn. There may also be bars connected to the front bars, passing through the firewall and connected to the front frame rails. Wright explained: “When you get into the 8-second zone, the lower rail links on the front chassis really help stiffen the chassis. They are usually more difficult to assemble when standard dashboards, heating and wiring are installed. Once in place, Sean welded the connector in place and followed the front and rear attachment points with a full weld. Wherever the connectors have been placed flat on the floor, they have been welded into it – even where our safety cage D rods are located. A critical step in the construction of a roll bar is the notch of the pipes.

You cannot weld one end of a flat pipe to an intersection of another part of the cage and expect it to be safe. Pipe notches or fish mouths create a crescent shape at the end of the tube so that it can slide properly over the intersecting tube. As a rule, a specially designed notch or drill that allows variable angles is used with a hole saw at the end. If the cost is too high, a hand grinder can also work, although it may be less accurate. The roll bar finished and painted with the interior reinstalled. “D” safety cage rods are installed above the top of the subframe connectors There are two ways to build a roll bar. Start with a pre-folded cage or fold the hose yourself. If you have a popular vehicle, chances are Chassisworks already makes a pre-folded cage for it. “We have over 50 different cages for a variety of muscle cars,” explained Jim Wright of Chassisworks. “When we produce a safety cage kit in series, we bring the vehicles into the workshop here and test the parts accordingly and not rely solely on predetermined dimensions.” A pre-folded cage reduces installation costs and the need for a tube bending machine. The advantage of folding your own cage is that you can pull the curves as close to the car as possible, but don`t leave out the pre-folded cages. You have come a long way.

As with any project, it`s a good idea to figure out what you`re going to do with it in the long run. That is, if your vehicle runs for 10 seconds, but can possibly see the 9, building the fastest cage in the car will result in fewer headaches on the road. Biting the Bullitt will run 9s out of sync, and there are no immediate plans to push it below an 8.50 ET. Our energy will come from a Dart block and a Ford 427ci Small Block equipped with an AED blast carburetor and a Paxton NOVI-2500 compressor to produce nearly 1,000 horsepower. This is achieved by a train of Crower hydraulic roller valves and moderate thrust. This allows us to drive the Mustang into town whenever we want, then throw the tablecloths in the trunk and drive to the drag track. “Every year, automakers push the boundaries of performance by building production vehicles that are faster and faster than the previous year`s models,” said Lonnie Grim, NHRA national technical director. At NHRA, we strongly support their commitment to performance and recognize that there is still a very large market for performance cars.

At the same time, we recognize that the NHRA needs to keep up with current trends, which is why we announced these rule adjustments. The Grudge Racing element allows participants to choose their competition instead of participating in an organized eliminator. Win or lose, a resentful rider can return to the staging tracks for more time trials or more grudge races. Losing a race at a legal street event usually doesn`t mean it`s time to go home. Street Legal events provide a legal and controlled environment where racers of all skill levels enjoy the sport of NHRA drag racing. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE 2021 RULES BOOK E-BOOK| VIEW PDF VERSION In general, the main tire is installed as close as possible to the roof or roof lining without friction. NHRA rules state: “All roll bars must be less than six inches from the driver`s rear or side of the head, extend at least three inches high above the driver`s helmet when the rider is in a normal riding position, or less than one inch from the roof/roof trim in the area above the driver`s helmet and be at least as wide as the driver`s shoulders or within an inch of the driver`s door. You can also lean the main tire backwards or forwards to get the right measurements. In addition, the bottom of the main tire must be welded with a pair of 6-inch x 6-inch plates above. “A rocker arm or threshold strip of at least 1 5/8 inch x 0.083 cm or 0.118 MS or 2 inches x 2 inches x 0.058 cm or rectangular MS is mandatory in any car with a modified floor or tilting box inside the cage posts.

Rocker arms must be installed below and outside the driver`s legs and must be integrated into the main tire, front tire, frame, frame extension or side diagonal. The rocker bar should not be attached to a swivel sidebar bracket. If the rocker arms are more than 5 inches (edge to edge) from the front roll cage bracket or main tire at the side diagonal, a 1 5/8 inch x 0.083 cm or 0.118 MS splint or gust fold between the diagonal and the front rollover cage bracket or main tire is required. “When building a race car, one of the most frustrating and misunderstood parts of construction can be the roll bar. The vehicles have different frame designs, could have made changes to this frame, or it`s a convertible – all require different features for the cage design. There`s more than you think with this jungle tube gym in your car. NHRAracer.com Rules Pagewww.nhraracer.com/content/general.asp?articleid=47000&zoneid=132 The saying “measure twice, cut once” is something to remember throughout the cage installation process. The pre-folded cages are intentionally lengthened to accommodate deviations in vehicle design. Also, weld the entire cage in place before welding it completely to ensure a better fit.

In addition, all seats and seat supports that you plan to use for the vehicle must be installed. The driver or a person of similar stature must be present at the various check-in checks. We took the Mustang to the local Mckinney Motorsports race store to have the cage installed. Floor support plates The roll bar of the Chassisworks kit fits surprisingly well. “For safety reasons, we always recommend a roll bar instead of a roll bar because it`s safer in the event of a rollover, even if your ET doesn`t require it yet,” Wright explained. It fits on the sides in a fraction of an inch and fits perfectly on the top and sides. All Mckinney had to do was cut it shorter at the ends to match where we wanted it in terms of headlining. Nothing screams speed like a 60hp Mustang with a 10-point roll bar. While it may be safer to drive it now, it certainly didn`t support the acceleration factor with the extra weight.