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CBC`s sports coverage also reached a high audience in frontier markets, including coverage of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, which was generally considered more comprehensive and consistent than coverage of other networks such as NBC. Coverage of the Olympics also found significant audiences in border regions, largely due to the fact that CBC aired more live events than NBC`s coverage, which had been criticized in recent years for delaying prime-time broadcasts even though the event takes place in a prime-time Pacific time zone market in the East (where it is still the case for prime time on the West Coast). [41] CBC Television offers comprehensive network programming 24 hours a day with news, sports, entertainment and children`s programming; In most cases, the same program is broadcast nationally at the same local times, except in the Newfoundland time zone, where programs are broadcast 30 minutes late. The service is offered via the Internet and as a mobile app (formerly the CBC TV app). Gem also offers a premium subscription with ad-free video-on-demand as well as CBC News Network. [22] [23] [24] New and upcoming programs such as TopLine can be seen on CBC Gem. During the 2004–05 season, it was also the exclusive host of the Canadian Curling Association.[25] Due to disappointing results and fan outrage over the numerous draws held on CBC Country Canada (now Cottage Life), the association sought to terminate its multi-year contract with CBC, signed in 2004. After the CBC threatened legal action, both parties finally agreed that TSN`s first-round rights would trickle down. On June 15, 2006, the CCA announced that TSN would receive exclusive rights to curling in Canada beginning with the 2008-09 season,[11] marking the first time in over 40 years that the CBC had been excluded from the championship weekend. The program also simulcasts continuous coverage of CBC News Network from noon to 1 p.m. local time in most time zones (including 6 a.m.

to 7 a.m. in areas where a local CBC Radio One morning show is not simulcast). On April 4, 2012, the CBC announced that it would close all of its approximately 620 analog television channels on July 31, 2012[42] without intending to install digital channels in their place, bringing the total number of the company`s television channels across the country to 27. According to CBC, this would reduce the company`s annual costs by $10 million. No plans have been announced to use subchannels to maintain CBC and Radio-Canada over-the-air signals in markets where the company owns a digital station. Indeed, in its CRTC application to close all its analog television channels, the CBC expressed its opposition to the use of sub-channels, citing, among other things, costs. [ref. On August 6, 2010, the CBC issued a press release stating that CBC and Radio-Canada would convert only a total of 27 stations for financial reasons, one in each market where there was an original station (i.e., a CBC or Radio-Canada television station in that market). In addition, the CBC stated in the press release that only 15 of the stations would be in operation by September 31. August 2011 due to lack of funds and the remainder would not be released until August 31, 2012.

[46] In addition, the CBC stated in the press release that it is seeking permission from the CRTC to continue broadcasting in a similar manner until the identified transmitters are operational for the transition. At the time of the press release, only eight of the company`s stations (four CBC and four CBC) were broadcasting digitally. CBC`s flagship news program, The National, airs Sunday to Friday at 10 p.m. local time (except Newfoundland, where it airs at 10:30 p.m.) and Saturday at 6 p.m. EST. Until October 2006, CBC-owned stations aired a second broadcast of the program at 11 p.m.; The latter program contained only the main news section of the program and excluded the analysis and documentary segment. This second program was then replaced by other programs and, beginning with the 2012-2013 television season, on the main channels of the CBC market, it was replaced by a half-hour delayed news program. There is also a short news update, no later than Saturday night.

During the ice hockey season, this update is usually found during the first break of the second doubleheader game at Hockey Night in Canada. In markets where a digital transmitter has been installed, existing coverage areas have not necessarily been maintained. For example, the CBC established a digital transmitter for Fredericton, New Brunswick, instead of the existing transmitter for Saint John, New Brunswick and Fredericton, and decided to maintain analog service to Saint John. According to the CBC`s application to the CRTC for this station, the population served by the digital station would be 113,930 compared to 303,465 served by the existing analog station. In Victoria, the replacement of Vancouver`s analog stations with digital stations allowed only parts of the northeastern metropolitan area (total population of 330,000) to receive CBC or Radio-Canada. In 2006, the CBC submitted to the CRTC a plan for the transition of over-the-air television signals from analog to digital. In that statement, the CBC stated that its 654 analog stations reached 98% of the population and that it planned to install 44 digital channels that would reach 80% of Canadians. [45] One of the most popular programs on CBC television is the weekly Saturday night broadcast of NHL hockey games, Hockey Night in Canada. It has been broadcast by the network since 1952. During the NHL lockout and subsequent cancellation of the 2004-05 ice hockey season, CBC instead aired several current and classic films entitled Movie Night in Canada. Many cultural groups criticized this and suggested the CBC Little League Ice Hockey Air Games; The CBC responded that most of these broadcast rights were already held by other groups, but that it based each broadcast of Movie Night from a different Canadian hockey stadium. In addition to hockey, CBC Sports properties included Toronto Raptors basketball, Toronto FC football,[9] and various other amateur and professional events.

The CRTC decides, after consultation with the CBC and the public, to set a mandatory transition date for the transition of wireless television signals from analog to digital. During this consultation, the CBC requested that broadcasters be given a four-year transition period. Following the May 17, 2007 consultation, the CRTC imposed a four-year transition period, which led to a transition period effective August 31, 2011, and required that analog over-the-air transmitters be switched off before that date. CBC Television`s best-known prime-time series include the comedy series Rick Mercer Report (2004-2018), This Hour Has 22 Minutes (since 1993) and Little Mosque on the Prairie (2007-12), as well as dramas such as The Tudors (2007-10), Heartland (2007–present) and Intelligence (2006-07).